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Crane Services


 We currently have cranes available from 8.5 tons to 350 tons with a maximum reach of 380 feet. Our operators are NCCA certified. Many of them have been with us for over 20 years. We can provide prompt, reliable crane services.

Our crane service offers a reliable crane operator for a guaranteed great service. We also offer crane training courses for those looking to learn about the proper safety features and operation of a crane for certification.

Our Cranes

 Hydraulic Truck Cranes:
Grove GMK6350 350 ton Crane
Grove GMK5275 275 ton Crane
Grove TM9120 120 ton Crane
Link Belt HTC855 55 to Crane 

Conventional Truck Cranes:
Link Belt HC-258 200 ton Crane
Link Belt HC-238 140 ton Crane

Other Cranes:
2- 8.5 ton Broderson Carry Decks
Grove RT-528-C 28 ton Rough Terrain Crane 

  For more information on all of our services, contact M. Hastey Construction Company, Inc in Plainview, TX today.