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M. Hastey Construction Co., Inc.

(800) 683-9249

About Us


Why us?

 Crane service, demolition, portable welding, machine shop, metal fabrication services, trucking, and heavy equipment services are some of the services we can offer. 

 Our demolition service has years of experience and is the best of the business. We strive to make sure demolition is in line with codes and regulations. 

  We carry numerous cranes for varying projects and staff certified crane operators to help your construction project. 


Crane Services

 We currently have cranes available from 8.5 tons to 350 tons with a maximum reach of 380 feet. Our operators are NCCA certified. Many of them have been with us for over 20 years. We can provide prompt, reliable crane services. 



 We specialize in structure demolitions, foundation removal, dismantlement, and selective demolition. We have the experience, heavy equipment, and trucks to handle most projects. We work with some of the area's best asbestos abatement companies to provide turn-key service when required. 

Contact Us

Contact Information

Eric Hastey- (806) 292-1735

Ken Hastey- (806) 292-7884

Steve Hastey- (806)774-5323

Main Shop- (806)296-7444

M. Hastey Construction Co., Inc.

101 E 24th St, Plainview, Texas 79072, United States

(800) 683-9249


Normal Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

24/7 Service